Earth Ecstasy ~ Dancing the Elements
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Earth Ecstasy – Dancing the Elements

with Special Guest Artist: Glen Velez

“Wow!  What a journey! I received immediate clarity & creativity”

A rhythmic journey through the elements, weaving Estaryia’s captivating, primal and ethereal vocals, multi-layered percussion , shamanic flute and sounds of nature, with an undercurrent of harmonic sound frequencies, planetary pulses and hemispheric brainwave synchronization.

Estaryia takes you on a mystical inner experience to induce expanded states of consciousness and activate a deeper connection with the Earth and universal energies.

Sound Frequencies on this recording have been uniquely synthesized by Estaryia to entrain brainwave frequency patterns to enable you to journey into deep meditative and shamanic states of consciousness that align you with specific rhythms of the Earth and Universal Harmonics.


Estaryia Venus – Vocals, Drums, Sound Frequencies
Glen Velez – Drums & Percussion
Tito La Rosa – Peruvian Flutes
Maika Suneagle – Digeridoo, Flute, Rattles

Enjoy these tracks:

  1. Call to the Earth 4:17
  2. Earth Blessing 3:29
  3. Sacred Earth 6:37
  4. Sacred Water 1 4:40
  5. Sacred Water 2 6:24
  6. Sacred Fire 6:25
  7. Sacred Air 9:40
  8. Sacred Ether 4:53
  9. Sacred Vision 10:04
  10. Heaven on Earth 8:20

Healing Sound Music’s Advanced Technology & Unique Features:

  • Precisely tuned sound frequencies based on the harmonic structure of nature
    • Provides the most energy and life enhancing frequency patterns
  • Organic sound waves verses digitally produced tones
    • Organic sound provides vibrations that are harmonious with the human body
    • Natural sound offers the most deeply effective experience.
  • Advanced technology effective with or without using headphones so you can enjoy in multiple ways.

Use with headphones or without. We suggest you try it both ways.

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