Experience the transformative power of Estaryia through scientifically designed techniques and specific sound frequencies that recalibrate the vibrations of your mind and body. Free Audio Download Calm Your Nervous System - Enhance Your Immunity

Estaryia Venus

Estaryia Venus is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of vibrational science, and the sound, vibration, healing connection.

Live Webcasts

Join Estaryia online each week for live teachings, trainings, healing meditations and energy transmissions.

Private Sessions

Estaryia will guide you into a deep healing where you will experience energy shifts and blocks being released.


There’s an Adventure that I take people through. It is a multi-sensory journey, that if they follow me, if they stay with me, then the maximum vibrational mind-body experience is what can take place. It is magical.

Estaryia Venus

Meet Estaryia 

Estaryia Venus is an internationally recognized expert in sound vibrational wellness. She pioneered a therapeutic application of sound and has shared her passion and mastery for more than 25 years, in over 15 countries, achieving consistent and tangible results eliminating stress, increasing cellular energy and harmonizing mind and body, accelerating health and longevity. Thousands have benefitted from the power of Estaryia’s scientifically proven healing and rejuvenating experiences.

Vibrational ReGenesis

Estaryia uses her scientifically designed processes and techniques to recalibrate the vibrations of your body, your mind, your whole being. It will birth a new vibrational you that is revitalized, and ready to live life fully.

Science has shown that we are made of vibrating atoms and that our cells, tissues, and organs are in a constant state of vibration.  Tuning these cellular vibrations is essential for our overall health and wellbeing.

The techniques birth a new vibrational essence by using precise frequencies to retune your mind and body.

This process activates your cellular consciousness and unleashes the extraordinary power of your own DNA. The higher frequencies reactivate stored codes of information inside the DNA nucleus to create a higher vibrational bandwidth of energy.

The Vibrational ReGenesis™ experience effects your cellular vibration and resonance by awakening cellular information and installing new frequencies.  It clears out old limiting subconscious beliefs and vibrations and cleanses and refreshes your cells so they can receive and imprint a vibrational pattern that will support a new and healthier you.

Discover the power of vibration and frequency to unlock your full potential.

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