Cellular Rejuvenation

“We Are Awakening Consciousness Inside of our Cells” – Estaryia

Meet Estaryia Venus

Estaryia Venus is internationally recognized in the field of vibrational science, and the sound vibration healing connection.

Estaryia Venus is an internationally recognized expert in sound vibrational wellness. She pioneered a therapeutic application of sound and has shared her passion and mastery for more than 25 years, in over 15 countries, achieving consistent and tangible results eliminating stress, increasing cellular energy and harmonizing mind and body, accelerating health and longevity. Thousands have benefitted from the power of Estaryia’s scientifically proven healing and rejuvenating experiences.

“My mission is to assist the planet and the human species in its next evolution. To unite people with the Earth and with each other, restoring the vibration of love and peace within the hearts of humanity and raising humanities vibration to the next level.”

Estaryia Venus

A True Citizen of This World

Part Cherokee, a true citizen of this world, Estaryia is impossible to define in one word: an accomplished vocalist, sound healer, dance artist and a teacher of meditation, yoga and fitness, she is on a mission to serve humanity.

Her deep calling is to help people reach happiness and health through a shift in consciousness triggered by sound and vibration. Her unique approach and techniques reconnect people with the Earth and the feminine energy of love, peace and harmony within the vibration of their own being.

Estaryia is a catalyst of transformation, a dynamic sound frequency healer and awakener aligned with higher dimensions. Through her levels of perception and intuition, Estaryia transmits vibrational frequencies assisting people to reorder their body and energetic fields cellularly through sound frequencies and light, to assist in elevating the cells to new patterns of resonance. This opens people to receive healing, new energy and perceptions on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, neurologically and spiritually.

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