Awakening Harmonic Alignment



Awakening Harmonic Alignment

9 Audio – 28 Day Program
Includes PDF Guide

Activate Harmonic Alignment to Awaken Your Inner Source of Power and Manifest Your Greatest Potential!

The science of Estaryia’s method of Sound Therapy has proven to release stress, quiet the mind, and access higher levels of clarity and consciousness. This program guides you through a 28 day process to release blocked energy and re-calibrate your vibrational resonance. These guided meditation audio programs with Estaryia’s vocal activations, are vibrationally tuned to precise frequencies and brain entrainment to activate specific areas of your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Quiet Your Mind
  • Release Stress from your body, mind & nervous system
  • Access deep levels of meditation quickly and with ease
  • Gain Clarity and Focus to be more productive
  • Wake up Refreshed & Clear Headed
  • Tap Into New Levels of Intuition to make better decisions
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Manifest Your Vision & Goals
  1. Grounding Meditation: Earth Frequency Entrainment
  2. Deep Stress & Anxiety Relief
  3. Access the Vibration of Your Heart
  4. Heart Activation: Vibrational Healing
  5. Your Connection with Source
  6. 3rd Eye Pineal Gland Activation
  7. Manifesting Through the Power of Your Vibration
  8. I AM Embodiment: Vision Activation Meditation
  9. Before Sleep Meditation & Frequency Entrainment

“Wow, amazing shift in my energy, moods, sleep patterns and ability to tap into my inner knowing. I feel more clarity, focus and energy then ever before!”
-Kathleen, Sarasota Florida