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Private Sessions With Estaryia

Whether you need healing or want to accelerate your life to the next level, Estaryia is a conduit who has used her unique style of healing with vibration to help people all over the world transform their lives.

Estaryia will Identify blocks in your energy-field that create limitations and stagnancy in your life.  She will guide you into a deep healing where you will experience energy shifts and blocks being released.  You may feel sensations in your body as energy blocks are released.  You may have visions or memories arise, or see colors of light, or even experience connecting with loved ones on the other side.  Once the blocks have been released, you will receive frequencies to upgrade your vibration and stabilize a new energy pattern.

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Speak with Estaryia to discuss your individual needs and options for transforming your life.

The session focus will be based on your personal needs

and aspirations examples include any of the following:  

  • Clear blocked energy
  • Release limiting beliefs from the past
  • Find and align with your purpose
  • Healing after Loss
  • Move forward from past relationships
  • Ancestral healing
  • Physical & emotional healing
  • Improve self confidence
  • Weight Loss
  • Quiet racing thoughts for better sleep
  • Restore inspiration & creativity
  • Heal and release old traumas
  • Break-free of unproductive behavior
  • Chakra clearing, alignment & activation
  • Release Money blocks
  • Better relationships
  • Upgrade your vibrational energy for manifestation
Estaryia’s healing sessions released blocks of energy and helped me to reconnect in a deeper place inside of myself, bringing me more into my female healing power.


Estaryia’s healings have supported me on such a deep spiritual level, I feel more at home inside of myself. I have clarity in my purpose, and a lot more peace and joy. I’m so grateful!


I experienced a blockage removed that I had been working on for a number of years. It completely loosened up and then I felt it leave my body. It was amazing!
Pamela Mann

Fredericksburg, VA

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