About Estaryia

Estaryia Venus is known internationally for her vibrational fitness programs, leading her evolutionary sound wave rejuvenation, yoga and meditation experiences and retreats, worldwide.

For over 20 years she has presented her sound wave rejuvenation programs and brain fitness technologies at health, wellness and rejuvenation centers, cancer recovery centers, neuro-rehab centers, stress management centers, and conferences around the globe with her vibrational rejuvenation methods being featured on CBS TV, Eye On America.


Her evolutionary techniques are based in science and have been known to eliminate stress and anxiety, pain and emotional imbalances, while bringing people into higher states of mental clarity and focus, productivity, enhanced physical vitality and energy, weight loss and inner balance and harmony for a happier, more successful and fulfilled life.

Thousands of people all over the world have experienced the power of Estaryia’s teachings, healing and rejuvenating experiences. Her tailor made programs bring her audiences into a connection within themselves that restores their energy at very deep levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually allowing all areas of their lives to be positively transformed.

Estaryia has developed and produced a variety of audio programs available on CD and digitally that utilize her advanced healing sound music technology that re-train the brain into deep states of relaxation, accelerated states of awareness and meditation, and harmonize the bio-rhythms of the body to achieve higher levels of health and rejuvenation.

To discuss with Estaryia how she can help you, contact her at contact@estaryia.com.