All retreats and seminars have been postponed due to covid-19 and will resume as soon as as it is possible to do so.  We’re excited to be offering a vast array of on-line events to keep you in vibrational alignment and harmony.

Private Sessions

Make a shift now!

Powerful, Personal One-on-one session with Estaryia.
Whether you need healing or want to accelerate your life to the next level, Estaryia is a conduit who has used her unique style of healing with vibration to help people all over the world transform their lives.

Live Webcasts

Take proactive action to unleash the power of your own mind and body.

These weekly trainings and healing sessions will help you to refine and maintain your vibrational alignment…releasing fears, uncertainties, and doubts to enhance your immune system and empower you to create and live your best life. 

Presentations & Performance

Estaryia’s diverse background in the field of sound therapy, human potential, fitness, women’s empowerment, and science & spirituality makes her a dynamic and versatile speaker to many audiences.

For over 15 years her compelling speeches, articles and workshops have helped thousands worldwide reconnect with their creative energy to embody the power to manifest their dreams. Estaryia offers dynamic presentations, which are available as keynotes or workshops ranging in length from an hour to a full day. 

Destination Retreats

Retreats with Estaryia have helped thousands of people:
Discover their Purpose…Reawaken their Self Confidence…
Lift Depression…Strengthen their Relationships…Unlock their Creative Energy…Clear away Past Baggage…and Rejuvenate their Energy so they can have Clarity, Joy, and Fulfillment.

Experience powerful locations that connect you with nature, therapeutic sessions and the individual guidance and healing you need to create shifts so you can transform in ways you’ve never even begun to imagine! 

Workshops & Seminars

Book Estaryia for a Seminar or workshop. Seminar attendees will come away with an understanding of sound healing and how it works, an expanded mindset and a hands-on experience that enables them to quickly experience some of the benefits.

People who have completed the seminar will feel more relaxed, less stress, mentally focused and physically revitalized. They will be more effective in their job, in their relationships and in their life.


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