Following Your Heart – My Journey to Santiago

Meditation RetreatI had a divine inspiration and hearts desire to go to Santiago Spain because of my Venus and Jupiter lines crossing at the sacred spot of the end of the Camino de Compostela trail. I was in excitement and joy after receiving clear direction several times to go and then suddenly multiple circumstances arose, one right after the other and my journey seemed to be coming to a screeching halt. At the last minute, committed to my self and my path, I created a way that would allow me to go.

With only 2 days left before I would have to fly out, I was finally able to get everything done! I would be arriving at the very last minute to reach my destination, just making it in time. Even though I didn’t know how I would make it to this, as of yet, undefined spot, I knew I had to be there.  I leaped forward to go for it.

Meditation RetreatIt was like a dream, a dream that I fulfilled, a dream that came alive, because I trusted my divine connection, and inner knowing and followed my heart.  Miracle after miracle unfolded because I took the leap of faith and moved into action towards my hearts desire. What I know from my journey in life on my sacred path is that “Experience Matters’. That the sacred experiences we have matter. It’s the Experiences we have that actually create the transformation and change in our lives.

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Trusting Your Inner Knowing & Following Your Heart
My Journey To Santiago

Trusting the natural instinct of your intuition, your inner knowing and your truth is a key to actualizing the life of your dreams.
It was like a dream, my 3 day journey in Santiago.
A dream that I fulfilled, a dream that came alive, because I trusted my divine connection, and inner knowing and followed my heart.

My journey to Santiago was sparked when I discovered my Venus and Jupiter line in an exact crossing just a little north west of Santiago Spain.
Meditation RetreatSantiago is the home of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the cathedral that hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have walked from many directions for days and even months to arrive at this sacred cathedral built in honour of the apostle St. James. St James was loved, and revered in Santiago Spain for his teachings and when he passed from this realm into his spirit body, it is said that his physical body was brought to Santiago, where it is now housed in a tomb inside of the cathedral.

The Camino de Compostela is a spiritual pilgrimage of the Way of St. James, for his teachings brought people back into their hearts and into the heart of love.
The Way of St. James is a spiritual journey that pilgrims undertake to bring them closer to the inner truth inside of them.

French_Ways_of_St._James.svgThe Camino de Compostela, meaning The Field of Stars, is the pilgrims path or trail of the Way of St. James. This walking journey has many start points, with the French way being the most popular. The Camino Frances, takes at least four weeks to arrive at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

I was astounded when I realized, that my Venus and Jupiter line were crossing at the moment of my birth AND that this exact cross point was at the place that is called the End of the Earth, the end of the Camino de Compostela just past Santiago and the Sacred Cathedral, on the cliff of the ocean.

I knew in my heart I must go to this place and I awaited for the moment that I would be guided to arrive there.

One early morning just before Sunrise, September 3rd, 2015, I was in a blissful meditation on the beach in Boca Raton Florida. Just towards the end of my mediation I decided to ask for the most important next step for me at in my life right now. I received a message it’s time to go to Santiago and to the point of my Venus Jupiter crossing.

My heart leaped in excitement, finally I was getting the green light to go to Santiago, not knowing what it really had in store for me, but knowing it was true to my essence.

I then remembered that October had some special planetary alignments, particularly pinpointing my natal birth moment, as I refreshed my self on the upcoming October alignments I discovered that Venus would be in conjunction with Jupiter on October 25th just a day and 1/2 before the fulcrum point of the full-moon AND that this particular Venus conjunction with Jupiter would be at the exact degree of my birth moment. I knew I had to be at my Venus Jupiter crossing at this moment.

At this point I figured that I had a bit of time before leaving for Santiago since the alignment with Venus & Jupiter was towards the end of October and it was only early September. I imagined I would arrive a couple of weeks before the alignment which gave me more time in Florida.

A couple of days later I woke in the middle of the night, my heart felt like it was racing, and all I could feel was a feeling of leaving Florida, and going to Santiago.

Just before sunrise, I drove to the beach and began my morning meditation.
As I was meditating, still feeling this overwhelming sense of urgency to get to Santiago I felt in my heart the energy of Santiago, my heart felt such excitement and freedom, and my desire grew even stronger.
As I stood up from my meditation to walk to the ocean, suddenly a young man appeared looking like he was just teleported from Asia.
He was tall and slender and had on an asian looking straw triangle hat, that looked like something you would buy for 50 cents in a street market in Thailand.
This certainly made him stand out from the typical Boca Raton residents.
He flamboyantly engaged me in conversation and then asked my name.
After introducing my self, I asked him his name, and when he responded my mouth dropped and my heart leaped even more, he responded, Santiago!
Boca Raton Moment smI didn’t even know anyone carried the name Santiago, and I certainly had never met anyone with that name.
My heart was in glee and I ended up having a photo with Santiago there on the beach in Boca Raton to remember in gratitude this magical moment of divine grace to exponentially confirm my way to Santiago de Compestalla.

I knew then that I was to immediately begin to finish things up in Florida, and return home, so I could prepare to leave for Spain as soon as possible.

Within 3 days I was on a flight back home to begin my preparations for arriving to Santiago. This would put me in Spain almost a month before the alignment which would give me lots of time there and would give me the opportunity to drive into Portugal and visit the famed Fatima, the place where Mother Mary appeared on separate occasions to 3 different children.

Upon arriving back home, I went to Whole Foods to pick up some food.
At a traffic light, on my way home, I suddenly felt my car being hit from behind.
A young teenage boy who had just recently got his drivers license had ran into the back of my car.
We called the police for a traffic accident report.
While waiting for the police officer to arrive, I was curious as to why this had occurred, knowing that there is always a beneficial reason for situations that arise in our life. When the police offer came, he notified me that my drivers license had just expired a few days before on my birthday! Yikes!
He also notified me that I could not drive my car home since my license was expired, so I called some friends, a couple, to come drive me home.
Boy was I grateful!! It struck me, had this not have happened I would not have known that my license was expired and I would not have been able to rent a car in Spain! Thank you God, Goddess and Angels!!

Having just 3 days before I was planning to leave for Spain, the next morning I went to the Division of Motor Vehicles. While waiting, I was multi-tasking making phone calls to rental car companies to arrange for my car in Spain.
While on the phone with them I learned that the rental car companies in Europe would not rent to me without a credit card. Really, I can’t use my debit card? I called one after another with the same response. Oh dear, I must quickly get a credit card.

My number was then called for my license renewal. During the process at the counter, they asked for my social security card, which I did not have a copy of, and was sure I did not have a copy of it at home. This wasn’t a normally required document, but apparently, in the occasional situation it is required.
The DMV informs me that I must come back with my social security card in order to renew my license!
Oh my, another step before my leaving for Spain.
I am sent home with a credit card to secure and to visit the social security office, plus the added time to deal with car insurance adjusters to write up the invoice for repairs to my car.
I now realize that my urgency that I felt to go to Spain was for good reason, not because I needed to be there that early but because it was going to be a process, a bit of a timely process to put things in order to get there.

When I finally got the credit card and social security card in order, and after several more hoops I had to jump through, I was just about to book my flight when my mothers poodle, had an unsuspecting accident and dislocated her hip. Taking the dog to the emergency room and later to another vet to have it put back into place, left the dog in a cast sling, needing specific care that my mother would not be able to handle.

Brandy (1)I was the obvious one to care for the poodle named Brandy. The vet said it would take a few weeks. A few weeks!!  This would put me just barely being able to make it in time for the alignment.

I settled into caring for the sweet and loving poodle Brandy.
It was now Oct. 18th and I had not booked my flight to Spain yet.
Brandy still had her cast sling on and I took her back to the vet.
He said she still needed more recovery time after the sling came off the following week. I made the decision to have the vet care for Brandy so I could stay true to my hearts calling to go to Santiago.

I could have given up and thought oh well, I’ll just stay and take care of the poodle, and let it go until another time, this journey to Santiago.
I’m sure many people would have done just that, but in my heart I knew I must go, now at this time, even if at this point it was only going to be for a few days.

There were so many obstacles that seemed to arise, but there were gifts in each one of them. Each thing that happened was important and was beneficial to me, even though it did create a delay in my journey. The key is I did not allow them to stop me, or distract me from where my heart was being called to go.
I knew now that I could not stay as long as I would have originally and I would need to be back within 6 days. That would be 2 days of traveling and 4 days there.
I knew the “experience” there would be worth the journey, the cost, all of it.
I know that experience matters. So I booked my flight 2 days before leaving.

Spiritual RetreatI arrived in Lisbon, Portugal where I was able to get my last minute flight to.

I was landing after 2 nights without sleep and started on my drive to Santiago Spain. Since I was driving through Portugal, I stopped at Fatima to commune with Mother Mary, to pray and receive her blessings from the Lady of Fatima.
I then continued onward driving to Spain from Fatima.

After the 7 hour drive from Lisbon, I arrived to Santiago around 9:30pm, checked into the hotel, went out for some dinner and to experience the energy of Santiago and came back to tune into the next step, having only 3 days now in Santiago, I knew It required me to be attuned.

In meditation I had the awareness of my crossing point of Venus and Jupiter, so I pulled out my map to refresh my memory of the location. In looking at it, I figured it was at least an hour or a little more from Santiago central, and of course not knowing the roads or speaking the language it could take longer. I was so tired and the thought of making that drive the next day, after two nights without sleep and then a 7 hour drive was exhausting to even think about.
I knew the pinpointed vicinity on the map, but I intuitively knew there must be a landmark place there of some important significance, It did not feel like it was just a place on the Earth on the cliff of the ocean, but I did not know what it was or exactly where.

Knowing I needed to be there before sunset, and not knowing the exact spot I needed to get to, I gave it over to the divine and trusted it would unfold effortlessly to get there. My intention was to be there by sundown so I would have some time in meditation before the 10:03pm Venus conjunct Jupiter at my natal degree on my crossing point.

Inside Cathedral Center Gold smI then continued to tune into what my next step was upon awaking the following day, and going to the Cathedral upon awaking rang loud and clear.
I then discovered before going to sleep that the Pilgrims mass was at 12:00 noon the following day, Sunday, and I knew it was a pinnacle point for me to be at.

Finally getting to sleep at 3:00am, I arose a bit later than I had hoped to, waking up at 11:30am!
Into the shower I went and made it to the cathedral by 12:15.

Mass had begun and it was amazing inside the Cathedral of Santiago de Inside Cathedral smCompostela. The energy was profoundly strong and there was over a thousand people in the cathedral. I quickly dialled into where I needed to stand.
Taking in the energy and the services, I began scanning the energy of the room and
became aware of the energy of the people immediately surrounding me

Then I heard the message pop in, “it would make sense for the person you need to meet on this journey to be positioned to the right of you, standing beside you in the sacred cathedral.”
So I casually looked around and noticed there was a couple of men to my immediate right. I wasn’t sure if they were together, but I turned back anyway to pay attention to the mass.

Then at the end of the mass, they announced for everyone to greet their neighbor, which of course I didn’t hear because it was said in Spanish, but I was made aware when the man to my right reached out his hand to shake mine.
We said hello and after greeting several neighbouring people, we were drawn to speak to each other. His name was Pedro and he was from Brasil.

He shared with me that he had walked the Camino 7 times from all different directions. He had been coming to Santiago for many years and the power and energy of the place would always draw him back. Then he began to tell me about the important aspects of the cathedral and pointed out where the tomb of St. James was located.

Estaryia in Chapel in Cathedral 3 smWe walked within the cathedral, as Pedro talked about the significance of the various rooms within the cathedral and had some meditations along the way.
I asked him questions about St. James and then he shared with me what I had been waiting to hear.

He told me that Mother Mary had appeared to St. James twice, once at a location in the central region of Spain and once a little north west of Santiago.
My ears perked and my eyes widened, as this was the area of my crossing!
Mother Mary smThen he told me that at this location where Mother Mary appeared in front of St. James, which is located on the cliff of the ocean, a church was built in honour of her. I knew this was my spot and then he said the name, and that confirmed it, as I had been studying the map in the night, just a few short hours ago. I knew intuitively there was a significant landmark and now with this information, I knew my next step, to be on my way to Muxia to this special church on the cliff of the ocean at my Venus Jupiter crossing.

Estaryia in Chapel in Cathedral smAs Pedro took me to one more of the cathedral rooms, where I had a meditation, I got the insight to ask him if he would come with me to Muxia. I shared with him my connection with Mother Mary and about my Venus Jupiter alignment at birth and the alignment that was happening at 10:03pm that night, and why I had come all the way to Galicia Spain, to Santiago even for just 3 days.. He was amazed by all of this and then when I told him the day of my birthday, September 8th, also the birthday of Mother Mary, he shared with me that it is also the birthday of his much loved father.
He said yes, he would go with me. I offered to pay for his hotel room so we could stay over night and be in meditation late into the night.

We arrived to Muxia, to the 0 kilometer, the place considered to be the end of the Earth, just as the sun was setting.
How glorious the energy! I sensed some energetic qualities like Avalon.
The flat rocks that went from the church to the ocean made it the perfect place to be in meditation between the church and the water.
I spent a little time walking around, breathing, and taking in the energy of the place.
Then it was time to go into meditation and deep inner alignment with my energy, this geographic location and the planetary alignment.
I let Pedro know that now was the time for me to go into deep inner alignment and that I would be in this state for a couple of hours or more.

He brought our attention to what I already noticed, that dark clouds were pouring into the sky and were beginning to drop water and the way it looked there would be a rain storm. The direction of the wind, he pointed out was coming directly into our path so the heavy rain was imminent within a short amount of time.

I agreed it looked that way and that yes, we could already feel some light rain drops, but I said this is important and lets just see what happens, I will go into my meditation alignment.

He let me know that he would be near by, but out a little distance on the rocks.

I dropped all my things onto the rocks and began to do my activation techniques to open my energy channels in my body.
I then called out with my voice, communicating my heart energy to the sacred Earth in this location, to divine creator source, divine mother, divine father and to the Moon and to Venus and Jupiter

In such deep gratitude for arriving to this place and for this sacred moment of experience, I sat on the rocks.
I had a thick blanket that I had borrowed from the hotel to bring in case it was needed. With the wind blowing, it was cold, so I wrapped my self up and went into my heart, into my love, and began to align my energy body, chakras, heart and mind with the energy of this place and with divine creator source.

Meditation RetreatWithin a matter of minutes, the wind shifted, my eyes opened and the dark clouds
that had been covering the sky and the moon had parted and were moving away in the other direction. The Full Moon was there blazing above the church!

Breathing deeply into my body, allowing my body to expand, fill and absorb the energy of this moment, I allowed my body to coalesce and come into deeper calibration as a DNA spiral opened through me accelerating more energy and
bringing me into deeper harmonic alignment. As the activation was occurring, my spirit body soared, my physical body was sitting on the rocks and the ocean waves rolling in behind me.
I was in-between worlds, like avalon, reaching a destination, coming into an energetic alignment to transcend the denser realms of existence and access a higher vibrational energy and receive an upgrade activating cellular DNA, and integrating new light frequencies of energy.  It was extremely blissful, and the loving gratitude I felt was simultaneously present during the whole experience.
I offered prayers for all my relations, family, friends and for our divine global human family.

Estaryia in Door smWhen we go to sacred places on the Earth, we receive energy upgrades.
The codes of light energy stored within our cells, inside of our DNA, are activated. More of our soul essence is activated by resonating the codes of light energy inside of our cellular DNA. We re-member more of who we are. The resonance is turned on.  It’s like turning on a radio station and dialling it into a state of clear reception.
The information channels are clear for transmission – and we receive an embodied experience of more of our own divine essence. More of who we are is activated which leads to greater truth and clarity in our life. We leap forward into the next level of our life’s purpose.

A few people said to me, why go for such a short amount of time, it can’t possibly be worth it.  Ahhhh, the truth is the value of going to a sacred location that is right for you in the moment, especially if you are engaged in mediation activations, is valuable beyond measure. There is no price tag that can put the value on it. When it comes to advancing us on a spiritual soul level it is priceless. Trusting and following your souls calling will lead you into your ultimate spiritual embodiment and freedom.
Experience Matters! Your experience in the moment is the gateway into your freedom and self expression. “Experience” is the key. You must be able to allow yourself to feel and experience energy in your body.

So many people live in in their mind, and in a state of frozen fear.
Fear and uncertainty, do not allow the embodied experience of energy and light.
It’s time to break free and realize Experience Matters!
And it really does, because your Vibrational Experience transforms energy in your body, releasing what no longer serves you and allows you to break free to receive new energy into your life so you can create your dreams into reality.
It is the ultimate law of attraction. Your vibrational experience creates your reality.
It changes your molecules and allows your body and mind to transform into more of your divine soul essence. The expansion from releasing old energy that is stagnating your energy and forward movement in your life and receiving and fully embodying and experiencing new energy, can create a leap forward in your soul journey and can literally change your life.

What happens if you choose to go? What happens if you don’t choose to go?

I made a choice to follow my heart even though circumstances appeared that were conflicting and that left me with only 3 actual days in Santiago, I stayed true to my inner calling and I leaped forward in the direction of my heart and I am so grateful that I did.

Where is your heart calling you to go, to be, or to do? Take the leap of faith!
Trust your inner calling. Go for the Experience of Life!
On the plane I saw this ad in a magazine that said:
“La Vie Est Belle” – which means “Life is Beautiful!”
We are meant to enjoy life! Enjoyment is an Experience in our body. It’s not a mental concept.
Enjoyment actualizes your soul energy and allows the truth of who you are to emerge. It also is a magnet attracting to you all that you desire in your heart.
Live life Your Way, La Vie Est Belle!

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