The Heart of Mary Magdalene

On the night dedicated to Mary Magdalene, July 22, 2004, the dark and patriarchal forces that have suppressed the feminine for centuries surfaced at Rennes-le-Chateau. It was a night ordained to establish the freedom and protection of the feminine. This occurred just after the planetary Venus transit, which was part of the activation of the Star Pentagram, a clear gateway for the power and freedom of the feminine to return.

Since the age of 11 – when I first discovered sacred dance – I have been called to the service of the Goddess. Over the years, as I danced my way around the world. She has awakened within me a capacity all women share – to channel the divine creative fire of the Sacred Feminine and balance the energies on Earth.

For many years I’d had an inner calling to travel to the Pyrenees Mountains to visit sacred sites of the Divine Feminine.

Now I was on my way, traveling with a dear friend, after a week of attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions conference in Barcelona, where I’d given a presentation on the Sacred Feminine.
Since I had limited knowledge of this region and its deep significance, I trusted my friend to lead us to our sacred destinations. She had been to the area many times and knew it well.


After a couple of castle stops, we arrived at Rennes- le-Chateau, a small mountaintop village in the Languedoc area of southern France. The village consisted of only a church, the famous Tor Magdala, a bookstore, a library, a couple of gift shops, a restaurant and about half a dozen houses.

Rennes-le-Chateau is dedicated to Mary Magdalene, one of the primary incarnations of the Divine Mother and more specifically the Isis archetype. The church of Rennes-le-Chateau was originally built in honor of Mary Magdalene. A small underground chapel has been discovered beneath the church. Archeologists have found that many churches at the beginning of Christianity were built over ancient temple sites of the goddess. It is believed that this subterranean crypt was part of an ancient Temple of Isis. The Egyptian Goddess Isis was the restorer of eternal life. Part of the mystery of Mary Magdalene was her training as a priestess of Isis. It was this training that is believed to have helped restore the life force and resurrect the body of Jesus after his crucifixion.

I immediately felt the sacredness of this place and decided I would stay for the remainder of my trip around Rennes-le-Chateau. I knew I was on a mission for the feminine and now specifically for Mary Magdalene.

Things began unfolding when my friend and I went to the restaurant where we immediately met Jean-Luc Robin, the owner. “Restaurant la Table de L’abbe”, is the main hang out at Rennes. Jean-Luc has been immersed in the mysteries, having not only been at the restaurant, but having lived for over 10 years in the famed priest Sauniere’s house mentioned in The Da Vinci Code.

It turns out that Jean-Luc is also the author of the forthcoming book “Rennes-le-Chateau; L’abbé Saunière et le secret des Habsbourgs” which in English translates to “Rennes-le-Chateau; The Priest Sauniere and the Secret of the Habsbourgs.”

The forward for his book was written by Henry Lincoln, author of the best seller “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” Jean Luc shared that Lincoln’s book was a major source of information for Dan Brown in the writing of the “Da Vinci Code.”

The three of us sat down together and we began to talk about the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau and the intricate link of the sacred feminine with the revelations of the Da Vinci Code.

We discussed the priest Bérenger Saunière and his arrival at Rennes-le-Chateau in the late 1800’s. The church there was dedicated to Mary Magdalene. It was almost in ruins so he raised money and began renovating the church. During the renovation, he discovered the famed documents that reveal the true identity of Mary Magdalene and the sacredness of the feminine. He later built the Tower Magdala in her honor.

After our long talk with Jean-Luc, my friend and I visited the church and then walked around the mountaintop taking in the subtle yet profound energies of Rennes-le-Chateau.

Whether sitting in the garden restaurant by the fountain, praying in the church, or being at the Tor Magdala, I felt a sense of holiness and the open-hearted presence of the Divine Mother.

Over a cup of tea, my friend told me she wanted to travel the remaining days to other scenic places in the Pyrenees. Since I knew I wanted to stay near Rennes-le-Chateau and be there as much as possible, we decided to spend the rest of our time in the Pyrenees on our own individual journeys and meet on the morning that we would return to Spain.

It felt like by being alone my journey was deepening and I knew that just by being there my purpose would be revealed.

Deeper Realization

After we said our good-byes, I strolled down the cobblestone path to the small bookstore, which was filled with books about the sacred aspects of the location. I browsed through a few books, then opened one and was amazed to discover that the Star Pentagram geometrical shape, a sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine, is part of the resonant pattern of energy of Rennes-le-Chateau. I also discovered that Rennes-le- Chateau is one of the five points of the star pattern, with the other four points of the star being in the surrounding area. In many traditions the Star Pentagram has long been believed to emit a potent energy of protection. This star shape portal is an opening through which the energies of creation come through the Earth. The five-pointed star has been known as the star of Isis, and to the Egyptians this star represents the underground womb of the Goddess.

The profoundness occurred to me that I was there during the time Venus, the planet of love and ruler of feminine energy, was making a powerful planetary transit, activating a celestial gateway for the reemergence of the Divine Feminine.

Also, a Star Pentagram configuration was in the process of lining up in the sky to mirror the same star pattern on the ground at Rennes.
With this realization it became clear that I was to go to the five points on the Star Pentagram to do movement and sound prayers, opening my body to receive the energy emanating from these sacred points.
I also had an inner knowing that I was to sleep outside on the mountaintop of Rennes-le-Chateau one night during my visit. I was to stay up for a vigil and do some special prayers and ceremony dedicated to Mary Magdalene. I became aware of a particular spot outside of the church. There was a little outdoor shrine and on one of the outside walls was a little stone bench. I knew this would be an important place to pray on that night.

Later that day I overheard someone say July 22nd is the one-day a year dedicated to Mary Magdalene. That was my last day before I was scheduled to return to Spain. I felt a shiver run through my body, knowing that was the night I would stay on the mountain to do the ritual ceremony for Mary Magdalene.

Encountering the Dark

During the three days before the night of Mary Magdalene, I met a man named Thomas in the restaurant. He was a stout, strong looking fellow in his late fifties or early sixties. He carried a cane and spoke with an English accent. He had seen me doing my movement prayers outside on the lawn by the Tor Magdala. I had been aware of the intensity of his gaze while he was watching me.

Over my several encounters with him during the next few days, I sensed that his energy was split: Some part of him was seeking the light of the feminine, yet it was obvious to me that he was struggling with a dominant dark force.

He told me he had vast knowledge of the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau, including the Knights Templar. In our conversations he would flip back and forth from what seemed like two personalities. He’d first use an inquisitive tone, trying to figure me out, questioning what my purpose was, what my movement was about and what I knew about the feminine. I spoke of some of the qualities of the feminine such as the transcendence of duality through unconditional love and acceptance. Then when I spoke of the male domination over the female that has occurred for centuries on this planet and my belief that it’s time for the feminine energy to rise and come into balance with the male energy as co-creators, he flipped into another personality, that was dark and contracted, and anything but friendly.

He glared at me and his tone became confrontational. “I know why you’re here,” he said. “I was expecting you.”

He revealed that he was connected to all of the energies that are intent on suppressing the feminine. His mission apparently was to hold those energies intact by not allowing me to accomplish my mission. He called me a witch and insinuated that my powers of the feminine were no match for the powers that he was aligned with.

My participation in the reawakening of the feminine had led me into this type of encounter before, so I recognized that the split of the feminine/masculine energy was presenting itself for universal healing.

The Night of Mary Magdalene

“I will never forget what I saw that night of the 22nd of July 2004: Day of Maria Magdalene. The evil energies emitted by one of the inhabitants of the area were so strong that one could almost cut them with a knife. Estara seemed very vulnerable and fragile in the face of so much hostility. She connected with the positive celestial beings, and suddenly the garden was filled with peace and serenity.”
–Jean-Luc Robin

I spent all day in meditation, prayer and receptive presence, preparing for the special ceremony that I was to do for Mary Magdalene that evening. I was waiting to receive the directive of the mission and to discover who would be participating.

As dusk was approaching, I had one last encounter with Thomas. He saw me walking across the lawn and beckoned me over. His energy and tone were aggressive.

I knew that he was aware of the importance of this special night, but it wasn’t until this moment that I fully understood how powerfully he intended to oppose me. He said that under no circumstances would I accomplish my mission that night, that I had better beware, as he was on duty to summon all the forces and I should heed his warning for my own sake as he would make sure that neither I, nor the feminine would prevail. I was surprised by the intensity of his verbal and energetic threat, but didn’t let it rattle me. I heard him, and walked away feeling my heart and my connection with the Earth.

It was then that the impact of what was about to take place registered. I now understand that this was not going to be a typical group meditation.

I decided to go into the church before it closed to pray and chant tonal prayers to the mother, confirming the holiness of the night and my commitment in standing in full trust and dedication to the reemergence of the feminine. Tonight, the Night of Mary Magdalene, I would stay on top of Rennes-le-Chateau and uphold the freedom and protection of the feminine.

The church keeper came and closed up the church, so I went across the way to the garden restaurant to see Jean-Luc. He was busy with customers and so I sat at a table and waited till the end of the night to speak with him about what was transpiring. At about 11:00 pm, after the last table of customers got up and left, I finally got to speak with him. He was shocked to hear of Thomas’ threat, but realized he had always thought of Thomas as having a peculiar and more than strange personality.

It was making sense now–Thomas’ presence at Rennes over the many years of his having a summerhouse there. It seemed evident what his intentions had been for being there.

I shared with Jean-Luc that Thomas was part of the forces trying to suppress the full awakening of the Divine Feminine here at this sacred portal. And now it was part of my mission to change this, to create an opening for the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies to occur.

I expressed to Jean-Luc the importance of the prayers this particular Night of Mary Magdalene and asked him to stay with me during this auspicious and most potent time. He understood on a deep level the truth of this, and agreed to stay while I invoked the prayers and re-set the grid. He said that he couldn’t stay the entire night, but I was nonetheless grateful for this support from the masculine.
I knew it was in divine order for him to stay, remembering earlier that day when he told me he had just prayed to Mary Magdalene. He said within five minutes, she had answered his prayers. I could see the innocence and purity in his heart and how he honored the feminine.
Jean-Luc suggested that it would be safer if we stayed in the garden and that I should do my prayers there. I told him that the prayer had to be done at the spot by the church, according to the guidance I’d received. Again he strongly recommended we stay in the garden, given Thomas’ looming threat. I agreed and prepared myself to open my channels.

But as soon as I started to open the channels, suddenly there was a down pouring of grotesque energies. I saw images of battle, swords and darkness. The energy flowed into my consciousness and through my body making it impossible for me to set up a prayer field. It was then very clear to me that we had to leave the garden.

I closed the opened channel and turned to Jean-Luc, pleading with him that we must go to the special spot by the church for the prayer. It seemed as if there was protection there, if we could just get to the spot, although going there would mean leaving the relative safety of the garden.

Jean-Luc asked me to stay in the garden while he went to see if Thomas was lurking around. He returned and motioned for me to come have a look at what he had seen. We tiptoed around to the lawn area in the front entrance of the garden. It was quite dark, but I could make out the outline of Thomas sitting there with his face buried in his hands, in deep concentration, focusing energy right in the direction of where we had been sitting in the garden.

I gasped, stunned with the awareness that I had been in the garden for hours and, it seemed, Thomas had been sitting there all that time, in the same place where he had threatened me earlier.

We turned quietly in order to not be noticed, and started to head over to the particular spot outside the church. We heard a rustle; it was Thomas getting up to follow us. We hurried to quickly get there.

The Place of Prayer

We made it to the spot just outside of the church by the shrine, but froze as we heard Thomas trudging towards us. His cane was dragging, and his breathing was heavy and loud. We both felt the dark forces that were emanating from all around him.

I asked Jean-Luc to pray to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary just as he had earlier that day when she had answered his prayers.

Thomas was now about 15 feet away from us. Though a tree blocked us from seeing him, we could feel his permeating presence upon us. As we sat in this holy spot at the top of the mountain, well after midnight, with such danger present, I knew I mustn’t feel any fear. I was aware of the fear that was presenting itself and I recognized that I had a choice to embrace it or not. In that moment I chose to embody trust and surrendered through my body and heart into the unconditional love of the Divine Mother. I could feel the holiness of Isis / Mother Mary / Mary Magdalene, flowing through my body. I embodied love, surrender, acceptance, trust, forgiveness and protection. In receptivity and prayer, I sat on a stone bench above a cistern, holding open an energetic doorway of freedom and protection of the feminine, reclaiming her right to be honored, holy, and equal.

Thomas kept trying to come closer but was unable to penetrate the energy field surrounding Jean-Luc and I. My energy didn’t waver, even as the dark forces in Thomas began to spew their rage.

As I sat there with Jean-Luc, I was aware of the innocence and beauty of the masculine energy when it is in divine accord and balance with the feminine.

There was a final huge outburst from Thomas–a garble of energy that seemed to express eons of inarticulate darkness. The intense heavy breathing got a bit quieter. But the undercurrent of the pervading dark energy was still around.

After a long period of sitting in silent prayer and integrating the many levels of experience, it was time for us to go back to the garden. We could still feel Thomas’ presence nearby, but I felt guided to return to the garden for a final piece of the work. We walked back quietly and cautiously. The dark energies were still around, but an opening had been created for the truth of the feminine to prevail.

Entering the Garden

Upon entering the garden, I turned immediately to Jean-Luc, as healing energies were flowing through me and were being offered to him. I experienced the acknowledgment, gratitude and blessings that were coming through as a gift for him because he was a representative of the Divine Male standing up in acknowledgment and honor of the feminine.

After the blessing for Jean-Luc, I spontaneously stood up and walked a few feet away from him. I surrendered into what was left to accomplish. I was deeply in touch with the earth, with the blood of the earth, the blood of the feminine, the blood of creation. I dropped into a trance state and started moving and shaking. I embodied Divine Mother in all forms – and let out a cry of centuries of pain endured by the feminine, then open screams of release. I cried and screamed and wailed, freeing the expression. My sounds cut through the darkness. Then blood flowed out of my womb. I let the blood drop to the earth.

Jean–Luc was shaken by my screams, never having witnessed anything like it. I assured him it was over. In that moment we realized the energy had shifted. Transformation had occurred. The garden felt like a Garden of Eden. The dark foreboding energy was gone and everything was sparkling, bright, alive, and fresh, and new–the trees, the grass, the earth herself. Jean-Luc and I looked at each other in wonderment. The change was palpable. It was a victory.

It was now after 2:00 am, and Jean-Luc said he had to leave. I knew I was safe now to be on the top of the mountain at Rennes for the remainder of the night. I stayed the rest of the hours before sunrise under the Tor Magdala.

A Night Ordained By The Stars

The miraculous night dedicated to Mary Magdalene, July 22, 2004, was ordained by the stars as cosmic forces aligned. The Star Pentagram, the sacred symbol of the feminine, was in process of activation in the heavens, activating the Star Pentagram portal on the Earth at Rennes-le-Chateau. Venus, the planet of love that rules the feminine energy was in direct opposition to Pluto, the planet of transformation, according to astrologer and spiritual science teacher Pearl Foster. Foster says, “This opposition demanded change in the religious dogma that has held the feminine in suppression. It heralded a new time for the feminine to be recognized and infused the feminine with the courage to stand for her truth in the eye of battle to give birth to a higher state of being for humanity.”

Mary Magdalene is an archetype that carries the blueprint of the divine goddess mysteries. Rennes-le- Chateau was built in her honor, to anchor this knowledge into the earth’s energy field and to radiate this energy out. In going to sacred sites like Rennes-le-Chateau, we can reclaim access to our divine knowledge of the feminine.

Mary Magdalene represents the sacred feminine and Jesus represents the sacred masculine. The acknowledgment of their equality is essential in order for us to embrace a world where the masculine and feminine energy share power.

As the Christ energy is a universal energy and distinct from the energy of Jesus the man, so the Divine Mother energy is a cosmic heart-centered energy, which encompasses all the archetypal expressions of the Divine Feminine, such as Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite. These archetypal energies are aspects of the Divine Mother, whereas the Divine Mother contains all these energies as a more universal expression of the feminine. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, like Jesus, have a human quality, and they embody the archetypal energies of the Divine Mother.

The planet is in preparation for a Sacred Marriage between the feminine and masculine. When the female and male energy are in perfect balance, there is an innocence and beauty that emanates from this union. This union of the masculine and feminine energy heals the core wound of the illusion of separation.

At Rennes-le-Chateau a new energetic grid was put into place by the unconditional love that resides in the heart of the Divine Mother. Protection and full empowerment of the feminine was reestablished to restore balance on this planet so we can co-create and live in harmony together.

The next Venus transit will happen in June 2012, which will initiate the beginning of the Sacred Marriage.

Get ready for Divine Union!

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