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Do you desire to:

  • Release Stressful & Chaotic Energies?

  • Enhance Your Flow of Creativity?

  • Develop Your Vision, Inner Clarity & Intuitive Inspiration?

  • Become the Living Vibration of Your Hearts Desire?

Manifest the life you are born to live

Join Estaryia for this life changing 5-Part Vibrational Journey to activate greater levels of ease, grace, love, creativity, abundance and joy in your life!


Estaryia’s inspirational teachings guide you through a step by step process to awaken, embody and express your highest potential. Her 20 years experience in the sacred science of sound and vibration, meditation and breathing practices allow her to assist you in the ultimate process of self transformation.

Estaryia’s scientifically based vibrational technologies plus the power of her vocal sound frequency transmissions activate codes of light information on a cellular level and assist in clearing energetic blocks and stagnation, releasing stress and tension, cleansing old emotional patterns and awakening you to deeper aspects of your true essence.


“All the wonderful things we long for come to us more easily when we
harmonize with universal rhythmic pulses and frequencies.”
– Estaryia Venus


7 Transformational MP3’s plus 2 Special Bonuses – Over $360 Value
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The Earth is a living matrix of light and energy. The electromagnetic waves of energy that are animating the Earth, provide you with a foundational energy field of support for your mind and body. This rhythmic current of energy is a steady wave that pulsates and provides you with energy that you can tap into, allowing your body, mind and heart to relax into a greater field of energy.

Why is grounding so important for You?

  • Your brainwaves are connected to the electromagnetic waves of the Earth.
  • In order to fully “receive” the higher frequencies of light that are coming into the planet, your body needs to be “in synch” with the the electromagnetic pulse waves of the planet.
  • When your body is out of synch with the natural rhythms and vibrations of the Earth, stress and anxiety, mental confusion, depression, irritability, fear and worry accelerate.
  • When your body & brain rhythms are in synch with the rhythms of the Earth, you’re able to release stress, increase your energy, feel more connected in your heart and experience vibrational connection with source giving you peace, clarity and greater ability to create the life of your dreams.



The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. It creates a vibrational wave that encompasses the body and extends out at least 8-12 feet and beyond. Since you are connected to others energetically around you, this meditation will help you touch everyone you meet in ways only their Heart and Consciousness understand.










  • Before Sleep Frequency Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Release the day and re-tune and align with your vibrational resonance. Using specific frequencies to harmonize your brainwaves with the Earth and into the delta state preparing you for a deep, restfull sleep so you can wake up clear and refreshed. An amazing all around sleep aid.
  • Daily “I AM Embodiment” Meditation Harmonize your mind and body and set your vibrational intention for your day. Empower yourself to connect and create through your vibrational resonance. Set your field and allow things to unfold in ease and grace.


A total value of over $360,
yours through this very special offer for only

$249 NOW $137!


    • “That was the most transformative experience I’ve ever had! Not only did I reconnect on a deep inner spiritual level, but the pain in my back that I’d had for the past couple of years released completely and I’m able to move freely. Thank you Estaryia!”
      – Sarah Bowmen


    • “Having had the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sound-healing session with Estaryia Venus, I highly recommend her sound therapy for a variety of disorders, ranging from stress, pain, tinnitus, and other disorders of the body, mind and nervous system.”
      – John L. Turner, MD, Neurological Surgery


    • “The power of Estaryia’s voice opened places inside of me and allowed me to release energy what felt like from the depth of my being. I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted, and I am more excited about life.”
      – Laura Saunders


    • “What a marvelous experience! Recently, you, your sound instruments and your voicing facilitated a shift as I became aware during the experience of a scientific process of epigenic corrective measures regarding DNA-RNA transcription. Your session brought forth the resonances of unimpeded clarity, cohesiveness and coherence previously unavailable to my physical and subtle energy centers. Your gifts are extraordinary.”
      – Greg Gerber, M.D.


    • “Tightness I had in my head from an accident was completely gone at the end of session. I also had five different releases in my low back that had been so tight. My back felt in a comfortable position for the first time and my tailbone is physically more aligned. It was a wonderful reconnection with the Earth. Every cell in my body was vibrating — it felt incredible!
      – Karen Stone, Mom


    • “Working with Estaryia created an opening in my heart and deeper awareness. I felt my whole consciousness expand and my mind and physical body feels more free.”
      – Terra Rose Ganem


    • “When you vocalized those tones today, I immediately felt a block that I had been aware of in my belly open. When the tones touched that place inside of me, it opened that blocked energy and I felt a current of energy flow up through my body and into my heart. Tears began to release as a profound healing was occurring.”
      – Melanie Stuart


    • “My pineal gland opened and I began to see visually for the first time, I actually felt it open and expand. My whole body was vibrating and I felt light and color moving through it purifying my energy and leaving me feeling clear and energized and lighter and more joyful! Thank you Estaryia!”
      – Bill Striken, Arizona


      • “One of the most powerful healing sessions I’ve ever had. It really opened up the space in the front of my heart.”
        – Steven Hendersen – Intuitive Healer, Body Worker


    • “I felt energy moving and releasing through my body. I’ve never felt so grounded and yet light at the same time. At one point, an old sadness came into my awareness and a healing occurred as it passed. I felt cleansed and free and could actually feel my body vibrating. I also saw colors and it seemed as if the colors were moving through me and energizing me in a new way. What an amazing experience!”
      – Joan Izaac


    • “I am feeling very clear, my thoughts are very clear and I’m feeling a very calm vibration in my body right now. I can feel the vibration all the way through. The calmness is making me feel so open to everything right now. My senses are extremely heightened and I can hear energy right now, very much so. So much so that my voice is a distraction to it. “
      – Alan Burch


  • “In a session with Estaryia I found where the fear lives in my body. I came face to face with it, and actually felt like I touched it, and I could feel where it was touching me. I experienced influencing it instead of it influencing me.”
    – Jefferey Allan, CMT


“Sessions with Estaryia are powerful transformational and spiritual experiences. Estaryia inspires and heals.”