Theta Wave ~ Brainwave Sound Therapy
2 MP3 Audio Programs


  • Deeper meditation & increased creativity
  • Proven to enhance memory recall & heightened perception
  • Experience ultimate potential using precisely tuned sounds


Theta Wave ~ Brainwave Sound Therapy

“I felt my whole consciousness expand and my mind and physical body feels more free.”

With Theta Wave, you can experience the benefits of the Theta state within minutes and begin achieving optimum relaxation now!

Track 1: Theta Waves with Water  (30 minutes)
Track 2: Theta Waves with Ocean  (30 minutes)

Theta brainwaves are associated with deep stress release and relaxation, enhanced learning & memory recall and heightened perception. Theta waves induce a meditative state, increase creativity & problem solving skills and enhance overall mental & emotional health.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Increased Creativity & Problem Solving
  • Heightened States of Cognitive Insights
  • Improved Stress Release & Deep Relaxation
  • Deeper Meditation

Healing Sound Music’s Advanced Technology & Unique Features:

  • Precisely tuned sound frequencies based on the harmonic structure of nature
    • Provides the most life and energy enhancing Theta brainwave frequency pattern
  • Organic sound waves verses digitally produced tones
    • Organic sound provides vibrations that are harmonious with the human body.
    • Natural sound offers the most deeply effective experience.
  • Advanced technology effective with or without using headphones so you can enjoy in multiple ways.

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