Delta Wave ~ Brainwave Sound Therapy
2 MP3 Audio Programs


  • Experience a greater ability to heal & regenerate
  • Improve sleep & wake up refreshed
  • Delta waves strengthen the body & effectively restore health


Delta Wave ~ Brainwave Sound Therapy

“I felt energy moving and releasing through my body.  I’ve never felt so grounded…”

With Delta Wave, you can experience the benefits of the Delta state within minutes and achieve deep relaxation, healing and regeneration now!

Track 1: Delta Waves with Ocean –  Low tone frequencies  (30 minutes)
Track 2: Delta Waves with Ocean –  Medium tone frequencies (30 minutes)

Achieve Optimum Regeneration!

Delta brainwaves are produced most frequently by the brain while in deep
sleep. In Delta, the body goes into deep relaxation, the stress hormone cortisol is released and the body has a greater ability to heal & regenerate. The immune system is strengthened during Delta and a restoration of health can occur.

Delta waves are an effective tool for sleep disorders and insomnia.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Relief from Insomnia & Stress
  • A Strengthened Immune System
  • Deep Healing & Regeneration

Healing Sound Music’s Advanced Technology & Unique Features:

  • Precisely tuned sound frequencies based on the harmonic structure of nature
    • Provides the most life enhancing Delta brainwave frequency pattern
  • Organic sound waves verses digitally produced tones
    • Organic sound provides vibrations that are harmonious with the human body.
    • Natural sound offers the most deeply effective experience.
  • Advanced technology effective with or without using headphones so you can enjoy in multiple ways.

Use with headphones, or without. We suggest you try it both ways.

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