Alpha Wave ~ Brainwave Sound Therapy
2 MP3 Audio Programs


  • Instant Relaxation
  • Stabilize emotions & reduce stress & anxiety
  • Reach meditative states with ease


Alpha Wave ~ Brainwave Sound Therapy

“I felt a sense of expansion in my body that left me feeling stress free and calm.”

With Alpha Wave, you can experience the benefits of the Alpha state within minutes and begin achieving your optimum state of mind-body health now!

Track 1: Alpha Waves with Ocean – Heart chakra tone range (30 minutes)
Track 2: Pure Alpha Waves –  Grounding Earth Tones (30 minutes)

Achieve your Optimum Health and reduce pain!

Alpha brainwaves are associated with releasing stress & rapid anxious thoughts, balanced mood and stable emotions, boosting the immune system and bringing one into a state of calm and relaxation.  Access the meditation brainwave state in just a few minutes.

They are also known to produce endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Heightened Relaxation
  • Enhanced Meditation
  • Improved Immune Function

Healing Sound Music’s Advanced Technology & Unique Features:

  • Precisely tuned sound frequencies based on the harmonic structure of nature
    • Provides the most energy and life enhancing Alpha brainwave frequency pattern
  • Organic sound waves verses digitally produced tones
    • Organic sound provides vibrations that are harmonious with the human body
    • Natural sound offers the most deeply effective experience.
  • Advanced technology effective with or without using headphones so you can enjoy in multiple ways.

Use with headphones or without. We suggest you try it both ways.

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