Living in the Heart ~ Synchronise your Brain Waves with your Heart Rhythms for Optimal Harmony of Body-mind

Science has been discovering what the ancient spiritual traditions have always known, that there is an intricate connection between our mind and our heart. This connection is a rhythmic pulse that animates the human body and all life. This electromagnetic pulse wave of energy that is animating the Earth, provides us with a foundational energy field of support for our human bio-system. This rhythmic current of energy is a steady wave that pulsates and provides us with energy that we can tap into, allowing our body, mind and heart to relax into a greater field of energy. As our bio rhythms connect and come into harmony with this greater rhythm, our mind can let go, giving us peace, tranquility and greater connection in our heart. As we surrender into this rhythmic pulse of energy that is available to us at all times, we can have a more visceral experience of living from our heart.

Through careful observation, scientists have learned that the heart generates the body’s central electromagnetic field. Because our mind tends to exhibit the most control, it can sometimes seem like a spin cycle of thoughts that never let us ever really feel connected with our heart. Our thoughts play an important role in how we function and create our reality. If we want to live from our heart, and consciously create with our vibration and thoughts, then the mind needs to be connected with the heart, so our thoughts and our awareness, emerge from the electromagnetic energy field of our heart in connection with the greater enegy field of the Earth.

When our mind is connected with our heart, it’s as if decisions are made from an inner knowing. Since the heart is our source of truth, the key is to establish a rhythmic connection with our mind and heart.
Making the heart-brain connection allows the power of our thoughts and mind to operate from it’s original design. As the mind lets go into the rhythmic pulse of the heart, the inner knowing and truth of the heart can begin to generate your thoughts. In order to feel a sense of calm and connection to the inner truth and direction of your heart, the brain and heart must unite into one rhythmic pulse wave.

Tools To Connect in Your Heart

We have simple tools to entrain the mind into a harmonious rhythmic pattern that allows us to make a deeper connection with our heart. Through the power of specific sound frequency patterns we can release stress and tension and bring our internal rhythmic pulse systems into harmonic balance. Through this harmonic balance, we feel a connection with the larger rhythmic pulse of the Earth and universe. The ancient methods of healing the body, mind and emotions through sound is reemerging on the planet in the fields of sound healing therapy, energy medicine and vibrational healing.

One of the ways sound enters the body is through the neural pathways in the brain. The effect of specific healing sound wave patterns on the brain happens in seconds. The sound begins to reorganize brain waves into coherent harmonious patterns.
As these coherent patterns are established the heart also begins to synchronize with these harmonious patterns and a rhythmic entrainment occurs between the pulsation of the brain waves and the pulsation of the heart.
This coherent reorganizing and connection of the brain wave patterns and heart rhythm can be termed synchronization.

Through the precise use of sound and rhythm, we can synchronize our brainwaves with our heart rhythm, as well as our respiratory system (our breath) and the cranial fluid in the spine – bringing the whole body into a state of harmonic coherence. When our body’s rhythmic pulse systems are in harmonic coherence, studies show that the stress hormone, cortisol, is released from the system. The body, mind and emotions come into a balanced and stabilized state so that instead of dealing with stress on a physical, mental and emotional level, the body can engage in healing and rejuvenation.
In this coherent state we are able to think more clearly and feel a deep sense of peace, clarity, connection and inner knowing. By synchronizing the four rhythmic pulse systems in the body, we synchronize and strengthen our connection with the universal energy that flows through all life.