Guided Meditations

Meditation is a scientifically proven method of holistic healing relaxing the body and mind. Using Brainwave Entertainment to facilitate meditation provides significant natural health benefits. These benefits include relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation is an essential tool in creating improved attention, better memory, deeper sleep, lower blood pressure and more. Estaryia’s Brainwave Sound Therapy meditation mp3′s can help you achieve the deeper levels of relaxation and meditation you long for, in a matter of minutes! Achieving the deepest levels of meditation more quickly allows more time for natural healing and restoration to occur. Allow Estaryia to guide you with her soothing voice and sounds, helping you to reach those deeper levels of relaxation you long for. Find yourself in a world of greater balance where healing and restoration can occur Download your guided Brainwave Sound Therapy meditation mp3 and begin relaxing now from your I-pod, office or comfort of home!

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