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Author: ccmadmin | Published: January 25, 2018

Benefit Concert to Protect the Dolphins & the Earth’s Eco-System

Multi-Media – Solar Eclipse – Sound Healing Concert
with Estaryia Venus

Delight your senses in an art gallery that is one of Va beach’s hidden treasures.
This evening of Entertainment and Education will include:
Music and Visual Projections putting you in touch with the living eco-system surrounding you.
An “Experience” for the mind, body and spirit that will uplift and inspire.
The time is now to connect and be in-tune with your Eco-System.

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Are You Ready for Your New Cycle of Female Empowerment?

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: September 22, 2017

Join me for one of two retreats: Nov. 1-8 and Nov. 10-17 on the sacred island of Hawaii!

Last time to swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat before it is outlawed in the U.S.!

The total solar eclipse of August ushered in a whole new cycle of energy.

Astronomically it was positioned within our solar system at a point that aligned the Earth with timeless information that will be unraveling within our own cellular energy and body-mind bio-system.

The gates are open, the new cycle has arrived, are you ready?
Are you clear, is your body open to receive the new vibrational energy?
If not, you want to be! Because we are in a major acceleration of energy here on the planet. The time is now to birth your unique expression, your authentic truth and be in alignment with your highest purpose.

Connecting with the Earth’s resonant field of consciousness is how we ultimately become empowered as women. Letting go of outdated personal identities and old emotional patterns that may have come from childhood, or from when you were in your mother’s womb must be fully released to step into your full empowerment.

You must dissolve subtle negative, self-criticizing, sub-conscious thoughts and beliefs and reprogram your mind and body to positive life affirming thoughts and beliefs that contain the vibrations of love, peace, harmony and joy.

Your energy needs to be vibrantly clear and in a state of vibrational resonance with the Earth. Your chakras need to be open and spiraling and full of vitality.

To be in alignment and harmony with your highest expression and purpose is your doorway into self- mastery. That requires you to release the stress and baggage, so you can fly free on the wings of love and joy and be an inspiration to all those in your world.

That’s what we will be doing this November on the sacred island of Hawaii at my Women’s Sound Healing & Rejuvenation Retreats.

Twelve women will be attending each of these magical weeks, swimming with the dolphins and receiving my therapeutic vibrational healing sessions, guided meditations with advanced sound healing technology, chakra energy clearings and activations, specific cellular vibration attuning to enhance vitality and rejuvenation, and lots of relaxing in the hot tub together drinking super-food smoothies.

The retreat is designed to take you on a journey of en-light-en-ment, where you will dissolve the stress hormone cortisol and eliminate stress and tension, free yourself of heavy energies, experience deeper grounding with the Earth and the sacred elements of life and feel a more profound connection with your soul resonance so you can live from a place of connection, power, inner knowing, self-acceptance, trust and self-love and create the life of your dreams.

Very often in my retreats and seminars the healing of old injuries in the physical body occur simultaneously with the removal of blocked energy.

You’ll also learn self-healing techniques, powerful breathing practices, go to sacred sites for ceremonial healing with the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice of Ho’opono’pono which facilitates the deep healing power of forgiveness and commune with the primal feminine energy at the caldera, the womb, of the most active volcano on the planet.

This retreat is oceanfront where we will be doing sunset meditations and drumming between all the swimming, hot-tubbing, and delightful healing and rejuvenation sessions. Plus yummy organic vegan, super-food elixirs and detoxing living gourmet food!

There are only a few spaces left! Price increases by $500 after Sept. 29. Act now! Don’t miss the last chance to swim with dolphins in the open sea!

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A Real Hawaiian Experience — Eternal Feminine Re-birth

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: April 21, 2017











Aloha & Blessings Everyone!

This coming Full Moon in May we have a rare and special alignment that will be activating stored cellular memory within our DNA and awakening cellular consciousness for those who are ready to receive.  

The ancient Hawaiian spiritual tradition connects with Lemuria through the Pleiades star system of lightThe most powerful moment of this connection to the Pleiades star system is during the specific Full Moon when the Sun is in the zone of the Pleiades. 

During the Full Moon of May, this is the time when the SUN is in the zone of the Pleiades uniting the light of the Sun with the light of the 7-sisters – the Pleiades – accessing Lemurian ancestry, knowledge and DNA light all being amplified and magnified into the cellular waters of our body by the Full Moon.

But what makes this May Full Moon even more special is that every 10,000 years we have the planet SEDNA in closer proximity with our Earth and solar system.  She is far on the outreaches of our solar system, but closer in this phase of her cycle to our Sun and Earth. 

Now in closer proximity to the Earth, Sedna, the planet  known as the ‘goddess of the Sea’, will be in conjunction with the Sun in the Pleaides zone merging her vibrations of information with the light of the SUN AND the PLEIADES to deliver new codes of information to the Earth, to the waters of the Earth and to the waters inside of our human bodies. 

This light activation of the Sun with the Pleiades and Sedna coming through the portal of the full moon, and specifically through the natural alignment of Lemurian ancestry of Hawaii, will be ushering in more energetic rebalancing and a deeper awakening of the Eternal Feminine essence that activates primordial celestial frequencies of divine feminine knowledge beyond the earthly realm.  


The light from the Pleiades is a big part of the evolutionary process for humanity. The Pleiadian light energy activates more of our multi-dimensional nature and is part of our rejuvenation process as we expand beyond the limitation of the 3rd dimensional realm and truly access vibrational energy on a universal level.  This supports our physical bodies to also rejuvenate as we access the dormant energy stored within our cellular DNA.  This turns on our soul energy that is not bound by time and space and allows us to ignite more of our innate and infinite potential.

The deeper awakening of the Eternal Feminine energy is being birthed through the portal of Hawaii, this ancient portal of light, where the tallest mountain on the Earth resides.  From the sea floor to the top of the mountain, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world.  NASA has stated that this specific latitude point on the planet is a hyper-dimensional portal in and out of space.  Hawaii, being the ancient portal of Lemuria, is the key access point to receive this down pouring of light energy into the Earth and into our bodies.   

The power of this alignment of the Sun transmitting the energy of Sedna and the light of the Pleiades to the biology of our body, during the magnetic energy of the Full Moon is profound in it’s opportunity for transformation.

During this week of the full moon, I will be leading my week-long activation experience in Hawaii, May 6th – 13th, where I will be taking the group through a series of energy clearing and alignment processes to prepare the body to receive the new light energy and DNA upgrades to the physical and subtle energetic body. We will be opening the chakras and turning on the vibrational light body with breathing techniques and sound vibration activations and meditations.  

At this powerful time of the Full Moon we will be receiving the downloads of light energy at our special place ocean-front, swimming with the dolphins, and then going on a special expedition to the Volcano, to connect on a deeper level with the power of the feminine for self-transformation and enlightenment.  We will go in ceremony to visit the Volcano, and offer blessings for the Earth, and receive healing and blessings from Pele, the goddess energy of the Volcano.  Kilauea Volcano is the most active volcano in the world and is constantly creating new Earth with her lava flows. The energy is palpable and quite profound and transforms energy at the very core level.

Pele — the divine feminine energy of this powerful volcano is part of the transformative experience that people have at my retreat activations over the many years I have been leading them in Hawaii.  Combined with the spiritual teachings and activation techniques that I teach and lead the group through, the powerful energy of Mother Pele, the volcano’s transformative essence of fire, plays an important role in reclaiming ones personal power and igniting soul evolution.  

During the May Full Moon on May 9th/10th, the Sun will be shining it’s light and will be transmitting light from the Pleiades and carrying energetic frequencies from Sedna.  Sedna, the goddess of the Sea, is bringing to us a feminine frequency, an essence, that will allow a deeper connection within ourselves to be perceived on a higher level but most importantly embodied so this energy can be a living experience and expression in our Earthly forms.  

Living on Earth as a divine expression of light, is a gift that we have to access, if we choose it and are willing to surrender and open to receive it.  Opening to receive is the key, so simple the formula to align with your true hearts desire, make your choice and open to receive — but to align and be able to truly receive on a ‘vibrational level’ requires you to deeply let go in a safe environment where you can truly open your subtle energy body to release the bondages of energy that have kept you from becoming the living expression of vibration of your true essence.  

This is why you go to the magical portal of Hawaii, to take yourself out of the rut so you can settle in deep within yourself to fully open to receive the healing and blessings, to be in communion with the ancient land, the sacred ‘aina’, this sacred portal on the Earth, to participate in the activations and alignments to release any known or unknown fears, doubts and hidden limiting thoughts and patterns that keep you from living your full potential — to release the past and make a profound shift in your energy, to embrace and embody a new frequency of light, for your own hearts fulfillment and for higher alignment with your service in the world.  

This grand transformational process that we are in as a human species is ever evolving and part of this evolution is to awaken more of the Eternal Feminine Essence of Life to bring more balance, unity, love and light into our Earthly experience. The Full Moon of May is an opportunity for you to open to receive more of this energy and activate more cellular consciousness and light. 

There are 3 spaces left available in this week of transformation in Hawaii during this May Full Moon activation time.  Contact me by email if you have the desire to be one of the three and be part of this pod.

More info click below:

Love, light and infinite blessings!

Estaryia Venus 


Spring Equinox – The Awakened State – First Impulse to Action

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: March 19, 2017


We are gearing up for the Spring Equinox – the moment when the Sun enters Aries.  This is the Re-birth moment for the entire year cycle
The real new year comes when Pisces completes and we have the initiation moment of Aries — The first impulse to action.

Now is the moment to close out the old cycle of Pisces and initiate a new energy for your new cycle. This is the moment of re-birth.  

Aries is the initiation of Your Self that is starting a whole new year.
It is the moment of alignment with your TRUE SELF and initiate the “seed” of energy for the whole new cycle.  
The moment of the Spring Equinox is your opportunity to re-birth your self  “to spring forward with a new energetic….. your authentic self-expression”

Are you going to consciously surrender and align, go into stillness and receive your highest impulse to action?  
Your “impulse to action” is connected with your “motivation”.  
What is motivating you to action?  
Where is your impulse to action coming from?
Is it coming from somewhere inside of your heart?
Is it coming from your head?
Is it fear?
What is the impulse that is driving you forward into this next phase and cycle?
What is your impulse to action?
The mind likes to set energy into motion.  
Allow your new cycle be initiated by your heart.

This is your moment to align with your sacred impulse — this is the moment of getting to the core of your self-hood — Aries.  Who is springing forth into action?  Where is your motivation to action coming from?

It’s your moment now to close out the old ways, let go of the past, forgive everything and come into sacred silence, the sacred pause, the race horse that is in anticipation to spring out of the gate, but wait……..where is your impulse to action coming from?
Is it from your heart or your head?
Don’t race ahead without being “inside” of your “sacred impulse”.  
What is your truth?  What is the vibration of your truth?

Let this be the place you settle into — pausing inside of this vibration — still excited like the race horse about to launch — but in sacred union with the truth of the vibration of love inside of you — allowing the excitement, love and joy to build inside of you, allowing your true “motivation to action” to emerge as an impulse from inside of you.
An impulse……..
Be in the silence at the gate, in anticipation, but silent, still anticipation, open to receive the feeling sensation that is aligned in your hearts vibration of truth and love your motivation — your impulse to action.

This is the moment of Truth — self-hood.  Your TRUE SELF launching out of the gate.  Directed by the powerful energy of truth within your heart.

Action is created from impulse – from thought, from emotion, from desire.
Come back to your sacred core truth, sit in your sacred truth, and launch from the impulse that comes from the sacred truth of your being.  
This is why even the horse that gets out of the gate a few seconds later than the others can still win the race.  The impulse, the direct arrow of truth prevails.  

Prepare yourself today to receive this new energetic impulse.
The Sacred Spring Equinox moment when the Sun enters Aries is at
Monday, March 20th – 6:29am Eastern time zone.  3:29am Pacific
12:29am Hawaii
I send you love and blessings!


Break Free of Limitations & Release the Past

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: January 30, 2017

It’s up to you to release the past and break free of limitations.
Now is the time to stop, let go, breathe, and call to divine source, to assist you in releasing and letting go of any fear that is limiting your life.
Choose with your “free will” that you want to move forward – if in fact you do want to move forward  – it is your choice.
Sometimes there’s embedded fear about moving forward, moving ahead and leaving the old familiar behind.  But it is necessary to leave the old behind – the old ways of doing things.
They no longer serve you and they block your expansion into higher states of joy and freedom.  
It’s time to release the past and step into a new vision of yourself.
Step into who you want to be. Who you choose to be.
It’s your free will choice – who you choose to be,
what you choose to do, and the emotions that you choose to feel.

In each moment you can let go and move past old limitations – places where you feel stuck and feel like you don’t want to let go, the places that are holding on for dear life, the places within you that are afraid to move forward and leave the familiar behind.
It is a huge letting go to move to the next level because one must completely release the past and leave it all behind never to look back again.
If you turn around and look back then you bring it back into reality, but if you never look back it no longer exists and you can create from a new vibration,the vibration of your hearts truth, the vibration of your passion, the vibration of letting go into the void.
It’s time to let go into the void, go into the state of pure vibrational connection. Surrendering into the now moment, and allowing yourself to become the vibration of your intention.
Only holding on to the energetic essence of the vibration of your hearts desire.  Your true hearts desire.

It’s Your Love that is the Key

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: January 30, 2017

Divine Ones,

The most important thing is your heart, the love you have inside of you, your own frequency of love and accessing this point of love and truth in your heart.
This is truly what matters and will provide you with the soul nourishment, natural healing, and fulfillment that you desire. Your soul essence lies deep within the chambers and resonance of your heart.  The truth and beauty of this divine vibration that lives within the very matrix of energy within you is for you to tap into.  Honoring your sacred essence, the beauty of your unique frequency of love is part of your journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.
Dwelling within this vibration of your own love, is the doorway of your soul, to experience the ecstasy of union with the divine source of energy of all life.

Let your mind be at ease, let distractions go and spend time accessing the vibration of your own love in your heart. 

Peace and blessings,


Following Your Heart – My Journey to Santiago

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: November 2, 2015

Meditation RetreatI had a divine inspiration and hearts desire to go to Santiago Spain because of my Venus and Jupiter lines crossing at the sacred spot of the end of the Camino de Compostela trail. I was in excitement and joy after receiving clear direction several times to go and then suddenly multiple circumstances arose, one right after the other and my journey seemed to be coming to a screeching halt. At the last minute, committed to my self and my path, I created a way that would allow me to go.

With only 2 days left before I would have to fly out, I was finally able to get everything done! I would be arriving at the very last minute to reach my destination, just making it in time. Even though I didn’t know how I would make it to this, as of yet, undefined spot, I knew I had to be there.  I leaped forward to go for it.

Meditation RetreatIt was like a dream, a dream that I fulfilled, a dream that came alive, because I trusted my divine connection, and inner knowing and followed my heart.  Miracle after miracle unfolded because I took the leap of faith and moved into action towards my hearts desire. What I know from my journey in life on my sacred path is that “Experience Matters’. That the sacred experiences we have matter. It’s the Experiences we have that actually create the transformation and change in our lives.

You can read all about my journey to Santiago by clicking “Continue Reading” below

My next journey is to Hawaii to swim with the Dolphins and receive the powerful and sacred energy of Hawaii island – the island of transformation – why not join me?

I’m holding my Sound Healing & Rejuvenation 7-day Retreat with the Dolphins – May 6th – 13th 2017 and again November 1st – 8th 2017… There are a few spaces left!  For anyone who has the heart calling to swim with the dolphins (non-captive), and open yourself to vibrational healing accelerating your energy and life to the next level, now is the time
Hawaii Retreatto grab your spot so you can experience this transformation for yourself.
If your heart is calling you, you owe it to yourself to catalyze your life to the next level and experience the profound love and intelligence of the Dolphins. Experience this Hawaii retreat, spending a week of healing, meditation and rejuvenation on the sacred island of Hawaii.

To apply to attend the meditation retreat, or if you have questions, reach out and contact me.

Send me a quick email with your contact info

Email me at:

Click the link below to find out more about the retreat:

Dolphin & Sound Healing Retreat

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Breakthrough to the Other Side – Upcoming Dates to Know!

Author: ccmadmin | Published: March 16, 2015

Hi Divine Ones!

Tonight 9:50pm EST is the climax of the Uranus Pluto Square that’s been going on now for a couple of years!
It’s the 7th, Square with these powerful planets of radical transformation!
I know you are feeling it! It’s powerful! It’s time for a breakthrough!
The planet is in the midst of a revolutionary change,
and on a personal level we are shifting at the core!!

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Extreme Health Radio – Estaryia Venus – The Science Of Vibration & How She Uses Sound For Health & Healing – 8-21-2013

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: October 28, 2013

Listen to Estaryia’s interview
from Extreme Health Radio on 8/21/2013 by clicking here.

Living in the Heart ~ Synchronise your Brain Waves with your Heart Rhythms for Optimal Harmony of Body-mind

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: December 14, 2012

Science has been discovering what the ancient spiritual traditions have always known, that there is an intricate connection between our mind and our heart. This connection is a rhythmic pulse that animates the human body and all life. This electromagnetic pulse wave of energy that is animating the Earth, provides us with a foundational energy field of support for our human bio-system. This rhythmic current of energy is a steady wave that pulsates and provides us with energy that we can tap into, allowing our body, mind and heart to relax into a greater field of energy. As our bio rhythms connect and come into harmony with this greater rhythm, our mind can let go, giving us peace, tranquility and greater connection in our heart. As we surrender into this rhythmic pulse of energy that is available to us at all times, we can have a more visceral experience of living from our heart.

Through careful observation, scientists have learned that the heart generates the body’s central electromagnetic field. Because our mind tends to exhibit the most control, it can sometimes seem like a spin cycle of thoughts that never let us ever really feel connected with our heart. Our thoughts play an important role in how Continue reading »