Breakthrough to the Other Side – Upcoming Dates to Know!

Hi Divine Ones!

Tonight 9:50pm EST is the climax of the Uranus Pluto Square that’s been going on now for a couple of years!
It’s the 7th, Square with these powerful planets of radical transformation!
I know you are feeling it! It’s powerful! It’s time for a breakthrough!
The planet is in the midst of a revolutionary change,
and on a personal level we are shifting at the core!!

I Say:
“Break On through to the other side!”

With Venus going into Taurus, well, that is going to feel nice! Venus goes into Taurus tomorrow morning at 6:15am – March 17th.

As we settle into some sensual energy with Venus in Taurus, we are heading for the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Friday, March 20th – 5:36am EST – New Moon, Solar Eclipse

Then on Friday night, at 6:45pm EST, the Equinox, when the Sun goes into Aries.
The Moon will coming into Trine with Jupiter which will expand our heavenly intentions that we set forth into the equinox point!
Remember, the two equinoxes and two solstices are 4 major grid points for the Earth. These moments have been held as sacred times to be in meditation, prayer, sacred ceremony and celebration. This is a time for connecting with the Earth and heavenly realms and with others all across the Earth in the inner vibratory fields of your meditations.
Aligning and unifying your heart, your love, your joy, your positive intentions within the field of energy at the moments around the equinox.
Seeing and feeling your self connected at a vibratory level with the planet and all beings and with the greater plan that brings
divine peace, harmony, beauty, love, abundance, and joy to all beings and to the Earth herself.

Are you ready to breakthrough and unleash your highest potential and expression?