Break Free of Limitations & Release the Past

It’s up to you to release the past and break free of limitations.
Now is the time to stop, let go, breathe, and call to divine source, to assist you in releasing and letting go of any fear that is limiting your life.
Choose with your “free will” that you want to move forward – if in fact you do want to move forward  – it is your choice.
Sometimes there’s embedded fear about moving forward, moving ahead and leaving the old familiar behind.  But it is necessary to leave the old behind – the old ways of doing things.
They no longer serve you and they block your expansion into higher states of joy and freedom.  
It’s time to release the past and step into a new vision of yourself.
Step into who you want to be. Who you choose to be.
It’s your free will choice – who you choose to be,
what you choose to do, and the emotions that you choose to feel.

In each moment you can let go and move past old limitations – places where you feel stuck and feel like you don’t want to let go, the places that are holding on for dear life, the places within you that are afraid to move forward and leave the familiar behind.
It is a huge letting go to move to the next level because one must completely release the past and leave it all behind never to look back again.
If you turn around and look back then you bring it back into reality, but if you never look back it no longer exists and you can create from a new vibration,the vibration of your hearts truth, the vibration of your passion, the vibration of letting go into the void.
It’s time to let go into the void, go into the state of pure vibrational connection. Surrendering into the now moment, and allowing yourself to become the vibration of your intention.
Only holding on to the energetic essence of the vibration of your hearts desire.  Your true hearts desire.