Awakening the Hearts of Humanity

Enlightenment is upon us. Many are beginning to feel the deeper awakening of consciousness that is occurring. As we continue to move beyond 2012 the hearts of humanity are going through an ascension process, an energetic shift from separation to an inner knowing of oneness and a sense of unity consciousness that will raise the vibration of this planet into its next evolution.


This evolution is occurring on a planetary level as well as on a human level. The biology of planet Earth and our own human biology is in a transformation. The human DNA has stored within it all the codes and information for this next evolution. Awakening this dormant information is what is happening on planet Earth at this time. With this awakening, new consciousness is being birthed, and with this new consciousness comes a new era, a new way of being that is connected with the environment and with all life.

Galactic Consciousness & Human DNA

Human DNA is triggered by digital codes as frequencies of light, awakening genetic sequences which release information (light) into our consciousness. Our genetic memory is being turned on, and is releasing us from the constructs of time as we have known it and returning us to our connection with a greater pulse of life that is in a harmonic rhythm within our Galaxy and Universe. Planetary alignments open gateways for light energy (information) to flow into the Earth for activation of harmomic sequencing. Earth receives the cosmic energie influxes into her rhythmic waters and the energetic matrix of her vibrational body. The Earth is pulsating, rhythmically breathing, and is taking in these new frequencies into her biological structure via the elements of nature.
One key is for us is to resonate with the Earth, as our biology is made of the same elements as her. As we resonate and harmonize with the Earth, our body can more easily assimilate the higher frequencies of energy that are coming into the planet. Our consciousness that is stored in the digital codes inside of our cellular DNA, can more easily be resonated and turned on and harmonized on a global level assisting the transformation of our body into these higher dimensional frequencies of light – with the Earth.


We are in the process of turning on our original blueprint and genetic memory held within the spiraling strands of our human DNA. These numeric codes within the human DNA awaken the mind to change and experience new levels of consciousness and more of our infinite hu-man potential. As the codes continue to activate we will be opening into more of a timeless sequence so that we may be more connected to our multi-dimensional nature, where we are in alignment with our soul essence and creation occurs through this connection in a sequential rhythm that transcends the duality and illusion of time. Because these codes are activated within the cellular memory of our DNA, they awaken us to the truth of who we are, our divine purpose as a “conscious vibrational embodied experience.”

19.5 – Hyper-Dimensional Portal

Richard Hoagland, former NASA scientist, discovered in the early 1990′s in NASA photographs a number of Pyramids and a face on the surface of Mars in a region called Cydonia. As Hoagland looked deeper into his findings, he realized that the pyramidal structures and the face that resembled the Sphinx is at the 19.5 degree latitude on Mars


Cydonia Study – David Palermo –


Then more discoveries were made of other anomalies at the 19.5 latitude on other planets, as well as points on Earth. At 19.5, Jupiter has its red spot, Neptune its dark spot, Venus has its major volcano, Alpha Regio, Sun has its peak temperatures and sun spot activity. On Earth, the 19.5 latitude is at the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan and on the big island of Hawaii, where the most active volcano on Earth is located.


The Importance of 19.5

The Star Tetrahedron Geometry pattern comprised of 2 interlocking 4-sided tetrahedrons when placed in the sphere of the Earth with one of the apexes at the North pole, and one at the South pole, the other apexes will touch the sphere at 19.47 latitude (19.5) above and below the equator.


With the Earth rotating at tremendous speed, there has been observed a great force occurring at the 19.47 (19.5) degrees North and South. Volcanic activity on Earth, and on Venus and other anomalies on Mars, Jupiter, and more are linked to this degree of latitude and is being considered as hyper-dimensional.

This perspective in physics links to the knowledge of the Star Tetrahedron being a vehicle of light moving between other dimensions and the Earth dimension. Drunvalo Melchizedek has brought information forward regarding this geometry pattern as being a vehicle of light, that our light bodies can travel in and to actually assist us in raising our frequency to be more vibrationally connected with our light body.

We can consider the Star Tetrahedron, as being part of a star gateway into and out of this dimensional reality. Among other ancient cultures, the Egyptian civilization considered the tetrahedron to be a Star Gate, an inter-dimensional portal. The hyper-dimensional field that is being made aware of at the 19.5 degrees latitude North & South, can be considered a key entry point into this dimensional reality.

Big Island of Hawaii – 19.5


The big island of Hawaii, being at 19.5 degrees within the Star Tetrahedron, is a major portal for light codes to enter the energetic matrix field of the Earth. Big Island Hawaii has the most active volcano on Earth. The ancient Hawaiian spiritual traditions is very connected and aware of the placement of the island within our solar system and galaxy and it’s connection to the stars, particularly the Pleiadian star system. Big island being a key access point into the galaxy and receiving the mana (energy) of the Lemurian energies.

Mauna Kea the volcano located at the 19.5 on the big island of Hawaii, is the tallest mountain on Earth, from the sea floor to the top. This is where the most advanced telescopes on the planet reside, with scientists coming from all over the world to do their astronomy research.



Kilauea Volcano, Goddess Pele, on the Big Island is the most active volcano on the planet, bringing the magma from the core of the Earth, and constantly creating new Earth on the planet.


rom the primal depths of the magma to the tallest mountain reaching to the stars, a hyperdimensional field of energy at 19.5, Big Island Hawaii can be considered an inter-dimensional star gate portal and is a key access point that receives the new light codes of energies into the Earth.

Energies enter into the matrix field of the Earth through certain points, such as the 19.5, and get distributed throughout the energetic field of the Earth. Through the 19.5 degree connection, the big island is linked to the Pyramids of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and other sacred portal sites on Earth and in the Galaxy.

Venus ~ The Divine Feminine


Venus plays an immense role in the birthing of the new Earth and the awakening of the codes of our DNA.

The Moon is a magnifying lens of energy and connects us with the rhythms of the Earth.
It has a direct connection with the fluids and rhythms inside the human body.
The full moon illuminates awareness so we can come into fuller embodiment of our consciousness on an emotional level and with the bio rhythms of our body.
Venus also brings us deeper in touch with our emotions and the energetic qualities of divine love, harmony, beauty, peace, and joy to come into balance within our heart.

The next level of awakening of the hearts of humanity is happening now, and the digital codes of consciousness are activating our cellular DNA level, turning on a genetic sequence that will create a shift in consciousness. This global awakening will be taking place on all levels of consciousness, and as there is a reformation of global consciousness, actions towards greater unity, responsibility and service will arise. It’s a grand time to be on Earth, as we unite in love, truth, freedom, light, joy, divine harmony and bliss!

Estaryia Venus is a visionary, sound healer, intuitive channel, sacred dance artist & vocalist,
yoga, dance, movement & meditation teacher and incorporates the science of sound & sacred
geometry in her workshops & retreats, healing ceremonies & musical performances. She is the
founding director of Earth Consciousness Institute & has produced a series of Sound Healing
Frequency CD’s. She leads vibrational healing workshops, Sound Healing Rejuvenation Retreats & Sacred Site tours world-wide.

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