Are You Ready for Your New Cycle of Female Empowerment?

Join me for one of two retreats: Nov. 1-8 and Nov. 10-17 on the sacred island of Hawaii!

Last time to swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat before it is outlawed in the U.S.!

The total solar eclipse of August ushered in a whole new cycle of energy.

Astronomically it was positioned within our solar system at a point that aligned the Earth with timeless information that will be unraveling within our own cellular energy and body-mind bio-system.

The gates are open, the new cycle has arrived, are you ready?
Are you clear, is your body open to receive the new vibrational energy?
If not, you want to be! Because we are in a major acceleration of energy here on the planet. The time is now to birth your unique expression, your authentic truth and be in alignment with your highest purpose.

Connecting with the Earth’s resonant field of consciousness is how we ultimately become empowered as women. Letting go of outdated personal identities and old emotional patterns that may have come from childhood, or from when you were in your mother’s womb must be fully released to step into your full empowerment.

You must dissolve subtle negative, self-criticizing, sub-conscious thoughts and beliefs and reprogram your mind and body to positive life affirming thoughts and beliefs that contain the vibrations of love, peace, harmony and joy.

Your energy needs to be vibrantly clear and in a state of vibrational resonance with the Earth. Your chakras need to be open and spiraling and full of vitality.

To be in alignment and harmony with your highest expression and purpose is your doorway into self- mastery. That requires you to release the stress and baggage, so you can fly free on the wings of love and joy and be an inspiration to all those in your world.

That’s what we will be doing this November on the sacred island of Hawaii at my Women’s Sound Healing & Rejuvenation Retreats.

Twelve women will be attending each of these magical weeks, swimming with the dolphins and receiving my therapeutic vibrational healing sessions, guided meditations with advanced sound healing technology, chakra energy clearings and activations, specific cellular vibration attuning to enhance vitality and rejuvenation, and lots of relaxing in the hot tub together drinking super-food smoothies.

The retreat is designed to take you on a journey of en-light-en-ment, where you will dissolve the stress hormone cortisol and eliminate stress and tension, free yourself of heavy energies, experience deeper grounding with the Earth and the sacred elements of life and feel a more profound connection with your soul resonance so you can live from a place of connection, power, inner knowing, self-acceptance, trust and self-love and create the life of your dreams.

Very often in my retreats and seminars the healing of old injuries in the physical body occur simultaneously with the removal of blocked energy.

You’ll also learn self-healing techniques, powerful breathing practices, go to sacred sites for ceremonial healing with the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice of Ho’opono’pono which facilitates the deep healing power of forgiveness and commune with the primal feminine energy at the caldera, the womb, of the most active volcano on the planet.

This retreat is oceanfront where we will be doing sunset meditations and drumming between all the swimming, hot-tubbing, and delightful healing and rejuvenation sessions. Plus yummy organic vegan, super-food elixirs and detoxing living gourmet food!

There are only a few spaces left! Price increases by $500 after Sept. 29. Act now! Don’t miss the last chance to swim with dolphins in the open sea!

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