Living in the Heart ~ Synchronise your Brain Waves with your Heart Rhythms for Optimal Harmony of Body-mind

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: December 14, 2012

Science has been discovering what the ancient spiritual traditions have always known, that there is an intricate connection between our mind and our heart. This connection is a rhythmic pulse that animates the human body and all life. This electromagnetic pulse wave of energy that is animating the Earth, provides us with a foundational energy field of support for our human bio-system. This rhythmic current of energy is a steady wave that pulsates and provides us with energy that we can tap into, allowing our body, mind and heart to relax into a greater field of energy. As our bio rhythms connect and come into harmony with this greater rhythm, our mind can let go, giving us peace, tranquility and greater connection in our heart. As we surrender into this rhythmic pulse of energy that is available to us at all times, we can have a more visceral experience of living from our heart.

Through careful observation, scientists have learned that the heart generates the body’s central electromagnetic field. Because our mind tends to exhibit the most control, it can sometimes seem like a spin cycle of thoughts that never let us ever really feel connected with our heart. Our thoughts play an important role in how Continue reading »