Joy – A Gift of the Goddess

Author: Estaryia Venus | Published: May 21, 2005

Joy is a gift of the goddess – a virtue of the feminine principle – an emotion that has the power to neutralize a situation, transcend negativity and spread positive energy to those around us. Feminine energy is magnetic in nature and has the power of attraction; joy is one of the natural magnetic qualities of the Goddess.

The Goddess Venus, as well as the planet Venus, has always represented the qualities of love, sensual pleasure, fluidity, joy, and attraction. The Goddess allows pleasure to be a sensual experience in the body, mind, and emotions.
We can embody the feminine, embrace our own sensual nature-and access pure states of joy-through acceptance of our body and feelings. Self-acceptance creates the receptivity needed to embrace our own sensual nature and sets us free to be in our joy and freedom.

Joyous energy is a place where no worry resides. If we go into worry, resistance, control or doubt we lose our connection with joy. Surrender, acceptance and trust as well as staying in neutral are key elements that aid in keeping us in a state of joy. When we are truly present, in the moment, joy can fuel our thoughts and actions so that creating becomes an effortless experience.

Joy’ s Magnetism

Joy is a vibration that attracts energy to us. Ever notice how people, children and animals are attracted to the energy of joy? Joy shifts our energetic field into one Continue reading »